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We are the voice of helpless animals and they need our help

Thank you for helping us to help animals and the charities that care for them.

Your donations have so far helped hundreds of small charities with over £2 million raised over the years. This is a big year for us and the charities we support. There is even more animal hardship, neglect and deliberate harm to animals with far less money available.

Every pound we raise will make a difference. Your generosity is truly immeasurable.

£2.1 million
raised for animal charities over the years
Support for Animal Rescue Centres

Some of the many causes we’ve helped

Support for Water fowl enclosure - Cuan
Animal Rescue Foundation was more than happy to help out Cuan Wildlife, this is their story… “With over 800 waterfowl admitted into Cuan Wildlife...
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£3,000 donated
Free running and fresh air for dogs at Stokenchurch
Stokenchurch Dog Rescue in Buckinghamshire was set up by local residents in 1963 to save the lives of stray, abandoned and unwanted dogs, as...
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£4,000 donated
Support for the Forth Hedgehog hospital
We’re always delighted to help out small animal charities. This is what Forth Hedgehog Hospital had to say about our recent donation to them....
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£2,000 donated
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