Animals in Need

Helping to look after distressed wildlife

Set up in 1990, Animals in Need is unusual in that it’s a charity that not only looks after domestic ‘customers’ but wildlife as well –  such as young orphaned birds, hedgehogs, swans, geese and badgers.

So in January 2013 the Animal Rescue Foundation was pleased to donate £5,250 towards the £30,000 cost of converting an old barn at the charity’s Little Irchester, Northamptonshire, headquarters into a new wildlife unit.

Now complete, the unit includes a number of separate pens to house injured swans, seagulls and other bird varieties, and a selection of animals such as deer, badgers and foxes – all cases of which have increased since Animals in Need was asked by Northamptonshire Police in 1999 to work with them attending road accidents and out of hours emergencies.

A rescue organisation run solely by volunteers, the charity has a fully equipped animal ambulance, two water crafts and trailers for transportation, plus regualrly updated first aid equipment.

Examples of its work includes feeding and caring for rescued injured animals and young orphaned birds, which need hand feeding every hour from dawn till dusk. Also young hedgehogs which haven’t reached the required weight to survive winter hibernation which need to be kept warm and fed, as do swans, many injured from fishing tackle they have swallowed which has entangled them.