Suffolk Animal Rescue

How £2,000 helped to tame cats in Suffolk

Having been part of a national charity for a number of years, Jayne Roberts decided to set up on her own in 1997, when Suffolk Animal Rescue was born.

Her charity’s ethos is to help any dogs that need help regardless of whether or not they are ‘easy’ breeds or types to rehome, as well as feral cats, which many organisations do not take in because they are not ‘cost effective’ and require time and rehabilitation. Suffolk Animal Rescue specialises in feral cats because they need the most help and, once tamed, they will reward you tenfold with love and affection.

Jayne said of the Animal Rescue Foundation: We received £2,000 – a fab donation. This went a long way to cover the neutering costs of a couple of large feral cat colonies we were trapping and getting in at the time. Obviously vet bills are our biggest expense, so this was a great help to us.”