We helped many in 2020 – we need to help so many more in 2021!

Just as the cold hasn’t lifted across the country and the virus is still with us, so abandoned pets and helpless working animals continue to fall victim to abuse and neglect. You will have seen in the headlines, just as we have at the front line, puppies being bought for lockdown 1, now abandoned. We know the same will happen again when the Christmas appeal turns into a hungry tummy and legs that need walking.

Please help us make a special effort to ensure that animal rescue centres can cope with the continued influx of abandoned pets in the coming months.

Animal Rescue Centres are under crushing pressure. With no way to raise money through open days or events, it is on us with your support. This is no longer about making things better, this is about saving lives. As a friend and animal lover, I know you’ll understand why I need to make this urgent appeal.

Brindle puppy in cage